Fresh Start Blueprint


Fresh Start Blueprint

Expected to provide higher levels of cleaning than you have in the past?
Worried that you will not receive enough funding to support the enhanced cleaning?

The Fresh Start BluePrint is for facility managers, service providers, and in-house cleaning departments to successfully navigate the reopening process, and safely welcome employees, customers and visitors back to their offices and places of business while sustainably maintaining safer, healthier buildings at the right price.

The Fresh Start BluePrint is based on industry standards, regulatory compliance, safety requirements, healthy workplace strategies, economics, and best practices. The Clean Start Road Map is actionable, pragmatic, and usable. It includes a streamlined implementation process and ongoing support.

Blueprint details include:
· Re-Entry Preparedness Plan
· Germ Protection Plan Signage
· Proper Hand Washing Signage
· Room Cleaned By Signage
· Frequently Touched Surface Stickers
· How to Wear a Mask Sign
· Standard Operating Procedures
· Communication Templates
· Office Area Cleaning Schedule
· Private Area Cleaning Card & List
· Inspection Form
· Readiness Assessment
· Touch Point Risk Assessment
· Labor Reallocation Tool
· Product Best Practices
· Webinar Road Map Walk Through
· Live Staff Training Via Webinars
· 18 Online Training Videos

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