Split! Non-Detergent cleaning products and processes provide a cleaner (provable!) surface that stays cleaner longer – textured floors, vinyl coverings, carpets, rubber floors, stainless steel, and more. 

The development of this revolutionary Split! Non-Detergent Cleaning method means that you can now remove an amazing assortment of cleaning nightmares you previously thought were unmovable – traffic patterns and stains on carpet, yellowing and other discolorations on finished or unfinished floors – all without any sticky detergents.

Split! removes tough soil, bio-film, and even old detergent residues, leaving nothing behind to attract more dirt.

Carpets cleaned with Split! stay clean 4 to 8 times as long as with detergent-based cleaners. Bare floors resist resoiling for twice as long, and savings on stainless steel are even greater. The Split! system gets your facility cleaner and allows you to keep it that way with less frequent cleanings. Less frequent cleanings translate to savings on electricity, fresh water, treatment of soiled water, and volume of packaging to our landfills. NO detergent-based cleaner can do the same
The true revolution in this product is that Non-Detergent Cleaning with Split! gives you a truly clean surface.

Detergents leave a residue that causes new soils to stick, bacteria to grow and appearance to dull.  The result? More cleaning labor and cost. Discover the non-detergent the secret other cleaning chemical manufacturers don't want you to know!

How Split! Works

Split! Non-Detergent Cleaners contain no detergent at all. These industrial strength cleaners work not by sticking to soil, as detergents do, but by splitting the soil (all types of organic, non-solid molecules) into its smallest particles of matter, essentially blasting it into small enough bits that it can simply be wiped away.

Why detergents don't work

When detergents mixed in water contact oily soil, the detergent molecules water hating tails attempt to hide from water by sticking into the soil with their water loving heads pointed outward into the surrounding water.. But there are common problems associated with the detergent residue some cleaning products leave behind. It becomes a film that's left on practically anything cleaned with a detergent based cleaning product. No matter how often rinsed, its impossible to completely remove leading to resoiling.

Split! Restorative Cleaner
Use for  first / restorative cleaning of all hard floors, rubberized floors, carpet, stone, tile & grout. Powerful ph = 12 formula. Packed (4) 1 gal. per case.

Split Restorative SDS

Split Carpet & Upholstery
Use for regular, frequent cleaning of carpet and upholstery fabric with pH = 9 formula. Maximize your low-moisture cleaning results.

Split Carpet & Upholstery SDS

Split Non-Detergent Cleaner
For regular/daily use, replacing traditional detergent cleaners.

pH = 9 formula.  Powerful  enough to remove biofilm!
Packed (4) 1 gal. per case.

Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner SDS

Split! Camel Low Moisture Cleaning Machine
180 frame motor provides more power and weight  with lower amp draw than conventional machines. Quiet. Ergonomic electric sprayer and upper handle lock


Brush-n-Bonnet Pad Driver
19" pad driver with riser for low-moisture cleaning with Camel 17" Floor Machine.

Slotted Bonnet Cleaning Pad
For use with Brush-n-Bonnet Pad Driver

Wiping Bonnet Pad
100% cotton, thick, for full absorption of released soil.

Clean Grit Rotary Grout Brush w/ Clutch Plate
Softer 180 Grit multi-level bristles give superior scrubbing.