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Car / Truck Wash & Detailing


Kamo Spotless Vehicle & Truck Wash - 2.5 Gal.

Removes dirt, grime, and traffic film in one application. Can be applied with a pressure washer, steam cleaner, automatic car wash or other available methods. Cleans right down to the paint without manual brushing. If using automatic brushes, will clean without damage.  2/cs

Alternate #2052
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Malco Clean & Shine - 22 oz.

Time-saving, one-step, ready-to-use formula cleans leather, plastic and vinyl while restoring a rich, satiny gloss to the surface. Great choice for interior surfaces, especially dashboards.  12/cs

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Armor All® Car Wash Concentrate, 64 oz Bottle, 4/Carton

Powerful car wash concentrate removes caked-on road dirt. Clean-rinsing formula leaves a spot-free, streak-free finish. Safe for use on all automotive finishes. Application: Vehicles; Dirt Types: Dust, Grime, Soil; Physical Form: Liquid; Packing Type: Bottle.

Alternate #ARM 25464
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Tork® Windshield Towel, One-Ply, 9 1/8 x 10 1/4, Blue, 250/Pack, 9 Pack/CT

Windshield towels are one-ply, soft and strong. Provides maximum absorption in many climates and conditions. Singlefold design fits standard dispensers. Application: General Purpose; Windshields; Applicable Material: Glass; Mirrors; Windows; Material(s): Paper; Number of Plies: 1.

Alternate #SCA 192121
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PAK-IT® Vehicle Wash & Sheet

Concentrated vehicle wash formula engineered to provide a great clean while dramatically reducing time drying and buffing the vehicle. Simply wash vehicle and rinse with a hose. The water will sheet off rather than bead thereby eliminating dry dust spots. Ideal for both auto and manual car wash. When you need a good clean in a hurry such as rental car agencies, fleet management, transit authorities, county and municipal vehicles and dealerships, then Wash & Sheet is a must! 1 PAK-IT® per 5 gallons.

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PAK-IT® Vehicle Wash & Shine, Blue, 50 PAK-ITs/Tub

Concentrated vehicle wash formula engineered to provide a great clean and a brilliant high shine finish with just one application. No need for additional wax products. Simply drop 1 PAK-IT® into a few inches of water in a bucket allowing two minutes to dissolve, then fill with water. Wash vehicle, rinse with a hose and dry vehicle with a clean cloth or shammy chamois. Ideal for detailing vehicles for sale or showroom display or anywhere where a high quality finish is required. 1 PAK-IT® per 5 gallons. Application: Cars; Trucks, Buses; Limos; Boats; Applicable Material: Metal; Fiberglass; Glass; Plastic; Rubber; Dirt Types: Dust; Soil; Tar; Oil; Insect Residue; Bird Feces; Physical Form: Liquid.

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PAK-IT® Wash-It Waterless Vehicle Wash

Simply drop one pre-measured dark blue WASH-IT PAK-IT® into its matching quart trigger spray bottle (sold separately) and add cold, tepid or warm water. Wait two minutes and shake. Adjust nozzle to mist setting and then just spray and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth or ideally a paper towel. WASH-IT's formula is safe to use on all interior surfaces yet powerful enough to remove bird droppings, bugs, road tar, dirt and oil from the vehicles exterior. Ammonia-free. If you don't want to mess with a bucket, hose and sponge then try the quick and easy alternative WASH-IT.

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