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MACH 1 EB Walk Behind Sweeper - 31"

The only walk behind vacuum sweeper with a house filtration system, enabling powerful dust free cleaning (99.9% efficient). Productivity: 37,700 ft2/hr; Motor: 0.8 hp. Hopper capacity: 11 Gal.; Filter: Polyester house filter. Power: 12V battery; Froward traction: 3 mph.  ea

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MACH MEP Walk Behind Sweeper - 29"

The only manual, cordless, battery free sweeper with a built in vacuum filtration system, enabling powerful dust free cleaning and an unlimited running time. Productivity: 31,250 ft2/hr; Filter: Washable cartridge. Rear hopper capacity: 1 Gal. Front hopper capacity: 7 Gal.; Weight: 56 lbs.  ea

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Tomcat® 34 HD Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

All-steel, and use oversized components throughout. Top quality componentry, hefty fabrications, oversized motors, and nearly 100% stainless steel fasteners. Has heavy duty bumper and wider tires than standard model. Direct throw sweeping method. Drive Power: 1.0 hp; Cleaning width: 33".  ea

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Tomcat® TR Ride On Floor Sweeper

A compact rider sweeper, but with the performance of sweepers twice its size. A maneuverable sweeper, with good visibility. All steel construction. Onboard charger is fully automatic, charge at any outlet. Able to sweep up sand, fine powders, leaves, rocks, nails. Drive Power: 2.0 hp, Cleaning width: 48".  ea

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Hoover® Commercial SpinSweep Pro Outdoor Sweeper, Black

Perfect for picking up grass clippings, mulch, leaves, gravel and litter from sidewalks, driveways, storefronts, garages and more. Motorless, no cord, batteries or fuel/oil mixing. Environmentally friendly, no air or noise pollution, or energy consumption. Swivel casters and wall guides for smooth maneuvering. Heavy-duty, height-adjustable brushes and handle, with ergonomic design. E-Z Empty translucent collection bin that can be emptied with one hand. Easy assembly. Tool Type: Street/Sidewalk Sweeper; Application: Outdoor Sweeping; Applicable Material: Grass Clippings; Stones; Mulch; Sand; Metal Filings; Leaves; Tree Bark; Litter; Plant Debris; Style: Manual Push.

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MACH 2 Walk Behind Sweeper - 42"

A new dimension in ride-on cleaning, the MACH 2 combines the maneuverability of a walk-behind sweeper with the productivity of a ride-on. Productivity: 62,450 ft2/hr; Main Motor: 0.8 hp. Drive motor: 0.6 hp; Power: 24V battery. Hopper capacity: 17 Gal.; ; Froward traction: 3.5 mph.  ea

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