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Sandwich Wraps


Bagcraft SW1818 DryWax Paper, 18 x 18, White, 1000/Box, 3 Boxes/Carton

Economical sheets perfectly meet most food handling needs. Coated paper acts as an excellent grease and moisture barrier. Proven to retain heat when used as a wrap. SW1818 - white. Material(s): Wax-Coated Paper; Length: 18 in; Width: 18"; Packing Type: Box.

Alternate #P054018
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Bagcraft EcoCraft® Grease-Resistant Paper Wrap & Liner

Grease-resistant coating prevents oil, sauce and condiment penetration. Breathable paper allows steam and moisture to escape. Ideal for use as a sandwich wrap or as a basket liner.

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Bagcraft Grease-Resistant Paper Wrap/Liners

Wrap/liner is an excellent low-cost, low-waste alternative to paper cartons and plastic containers. Grease-resistant coating provides bleed-through protection. Perfectly suited for use as a sandwich wrap or as a basket/tray liner.

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Bagcraft Honeycomb Insulated Wrap

Superior dead-fold action ensures tight-hold wrapping. Two layers: reflective foil and moisture-absorbing paper help keep crispy breads and buns fresh. Honeycomb design creates air pockets, enabling superior heat retention.

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Dixie® Menu Tissue Untreated Paper Sheets, 12 x 12, White, 1000/Pack, 10/Carton

Paper sheets are great for light food-handling duties. They have some added wet strength. As a result, they hold up well in moist conditions without tearing or falling apart. Perfect for use as a bottle or cone wrap. Material(s): Paper; Length: 12 in; Width: 12"; Packing Type: Pack.

Alternate #DIX 862491
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Dixie® Quik-Rap® Grease-Resistant Sandwich Paper

Quik-Rap® sandwich paper is highly grease-resistant and fights the soak-through of juices and condiments. Microwaveable. Non-dry waxed sheets will not crack under heat. Work great as basket-liners or sandwich wrappers.

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