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Lotion & Moisturizers


GOJO® Hand Medic® Professional Skin Conditioner - 500 mL

Rubs in quickly and nourishes skin, with no greasy residue. Helps maintain skin's moisture level. Absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel. Silicone free and fragrance free.  6/cs

Alternate #8242-06
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deb stoko® SBS® 40 Medicated Skin Cream - 100 mL Tube

Lightly perfumed, highly effective mild after-work conditioning cream to provide effective skin care for dry, sore or chapped skin. Non-greasy formula. Compatible for use under gloves.  12/cs

Alternate #SBS100ML
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Deb® SBS® 40 Medicated Skin Cream - 1 L Cartridge

A superior medicated skin cream that aids in conditioning as well as soothing and replacing the natural oils stripped from the skin.  8/cs

Alternate #40127
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GOJO® Aquell® Moisturizing Lotion - 12 fl oz Pump Bottle

Vitamin-enriched lotion with emollients to help moisturize, condition and soften skin. Absorbs quickly. Leaves no greasy residue. Use dispenser: 9005-12.  12/cs

Alternate #3826-12
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GOJO® HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner

Professional formula is for use before work, after handwashing and at night to help maintain the skin's natural protective barrier against harmful substances. Quickly absorbs, with no greasy after-feel. Silicone- and fragrance-free.

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GOJO® Moisturizing Hand Cream, Bag-in-Box 800 ml Refill, Floral Scent

Lotion with emollients helps moisturize, condition and soften skin. Absorbs quickly. Leaves no greasy residue. Packing Type: Refill; Capacity (Volume): 800.000 mL.

Alternate #GOJ 9142
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GOJO® Silicone Free Skin Lotion w/ Aloe and Vitamin E, Herbal Spice Scent, 5oz, 24/CT

Non-greasy moisturizing lotion contains allantoin, aloe and vitamin E to nourish skin. Silicone-free. Helps prevent chapping and irritation. Forms an important part of a complete skin care regimen. Packing Type: Tube; Capacity (Volume): 5.000 oz.

Alternate #GOJ 8140
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Aquell® Gemini Bag-In-Box Moisturizing Lotion, 500 ml

Vitamin-enriched lotion with emollients and mineral oil helps moisturize, condition and soften skin. Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue. Superior bag-in-box packaging allows easy refilling. Ideal for high-traffic areas or infrequently-serviced areas. Packing Type: Refill; Capacity (Volume): 500.000 mL.

Alternate #GOJ 3838
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Aquell® Moisturizing Lotion Refill, 500 mL Refill

Moisturizing, vitamin-enriched lotion keeps skin soft. A formula rich in emollients and mineral oils works to keep skin smooth and pleasant to the touch. Easy to replace refill packs work conveniently with dispensers to create easy access. An excellent choice for hospitals, busy offices and other areas where frequent hand-washing keeps lotion in high demand. Packing Type: Refill; Capacity (Volume): 500 mL.

Alternate #2548-04
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Aveeno® Active Naturals® Daily Moisturizing Lotion, 12oz Pump Bottle

Fast-absorbing. Unique oatmeal-based formula is gentle enough for everyday use. Good for sensitive skin. Packing Type: Pump Bottle; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz.

Alternate #3600
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Scott® Skin Relief Lotion, Fragrance Free, 1 L Bottle, 6/CT

Select an extra-strength moisturizer, like this one, specially designed for industrial and manufacturing workers. Dye- and silicone-free for workers with allergies and sensitivities. Fragrance free. A good choice for employees with allergies, or those who prefer unscented products. Packing Type: Bottle; Capacity (Volume): 1 L.

Alternate #KCC 35365CT
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Kleenex® Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion

Treat your skin with a moisturizing lotion that's specially formulated for dry, irritated skin. Lotion moisturizes and works to prevent dry, cracked skin. Leaves skin soft and smooth without a greasy feeling. Pleasant, fresh scent.

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Kleenex® Skin Care Cleanser

For use with Kimberly-Clark Professional* Skin Care Cassette Dispenser (Kimberly-Clark Professional* 92144, sold separately). Fresh pump with each refill. Offers 1,000-ml (1-liter) capacity for less refilling than with standard 800-ml refills. Easy recycling when pump is removed.

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Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Essential Healing Body Lotion

Essential Healing leaves your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth. Effective, nongreasy, fast absorbing formula leaves skin feeling silky smooth and comfortable. Hydrates and replenishes dry skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and minerals to give skin essential moisture where it needs it most.

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Dial® Extra Dry 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion with Shea Butter, 21oz, 6/Carton

Deeply hydrates skin with a non-greasy formula. Infused with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it helps keep your skin looking and feeling healthier and more beautiful. Packing Type: Bottle; Capacity (Volume): 21 oz.

Alternate #DIA 99766
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Dial® Amenities Hand & Body Lotion, 3/4oz, Bottle

Deep-penetrating moisturizer is one of the most popular hospitality amenities on the market. Lotion soothes and heals, bringing back a youthful gentleness to skin. Upscale, salon-style packaging helps you make a good impression with patrons. Packing Type: Bottle; Capacity (Volume): 0.75 oz.

Alternate #DIA 12190-71
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PROVON® Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

Water-based, deep-conditioning lotion heals dry, irritated skin. Non-greasy, easy-absorption formula maintains healthy skin, preventing drying and cracking. Lightly scented. Ideal for use by caregivers, medical patients and staff.

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