Cleaning Tips

How to clean mold and mildew on floor and walls?

Answer: Depending on the severity of the mold present, cleaning the surface with one of our disinfectant / germicides affective against mold and mildew may be used for mild occurrences. QT, Rejuvnal and Vindicator + list mold and mildew on their labels for use. Once the visible mold and mildew has been removed through cleaning, reducing the humidity and moisture source in the affected area will help to control re-occurrence.

What to use to maintain rubber floors?

Answer: Rubber floors can be properly maintained using our water based seals and finishes for resilient flooring. Our mildest strippers should be used, such as Power Strip or Strip All to reduce potential damage to the rubber tile from solvents. Raised tread rubber floors should be treated using Super Shine All. Alkaline residues can be removed using Nutra Rinse during inclement weather and previous misuse.

What are the dilution rates of our products and what does that mean?

Answer: Hillyard manufacturers and offers a variety of concentrated products for use in building maintenance. These products are intended to be diluted with water or other solvent to allow them to properly clean. Diluting these cleaners with water provides an efficient and economical method to create many gallons of cleaning solution. The dilution rates are listed on each product for general directions on how to get the most performance from these cleaners. The dilution rate may range from 1 ounce of concentrated cleaner to be mixed with one gallon of water, 1 cup of cleaner to 3 gallons of water, or even 1- gallon of concentrated cleaner with 1- gallon of water, depending on the product and the task.